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FUNNY! UFC Champion Jon Bones Jones learning Lezginka Dance

By Jackson Wink MMA - January 5, 2019

As it is widely known, Jackson Wink MMA Academy in Albuquerque, New Mexico is a HOTBED for International fighters.

In the video below, you can see the cultural exchange between UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Bones Jones and grappling world champion and undefeated MMA champion Roman Dolidze of Georgia. Roman Dolidze is teaching Jon Jones how to properly dance a very popular Caucasian Dance Lezginka.

The funny part is where Jon Jones adds a little twist at the end and demonstrates his own adaptation of Lezginka.

It is seen on many occasions Jon Jones just likes to dance and is always open to learning new things.

Source Wikipedia

"Lezginka, also spelled Lezghinka, folk dance originating among the Lezgian people of the Caucasus. It is a male solo dance (often with a sword) and also a couple dance. The man, imitating the eagle, falls to his knees, leaps up, and dances with concise steps and strong, sharp arm and body movements. When the dance is performed in pairs, couples do not touch; the woman dances quietly as she regards the man’s display."

Do you think Jon Jones got the moves to take it to the next level?

Jon Jones and Roman Dolidze
Jon Jones and Roman Dolidze. Photo by Mark Aragon

This article first appeared on JACKSONWINK.COM on 1/5/2019

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