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Top MMA Super Fighters You Should Know About

June 24, 2020

Mixed Martial Arts has gained an impressive following over the past decade. A form of fighting that incorporates different techniques, it is the sheer diversity of styles and professionals that continues to make MMA popular amongst fans. As a result, there is an ever-growing line of fresh enthusiasts who are tuning into fights nowadays, eager to witness some of the best sporting action taking place in an octagon ever.

One reason for the success of MMA has been the wide-ranging fame of its stars. Multi-talented individuals, these fighters have gone on to participate in various industries, the movies being one of the most prominent. Former Jackson Wink MMA fighter Gina Carano is the poster child of this lot, having acted in films like Haywire, Deadpool, and recently in the popular Disney series Mandalorian. Nevertheless, while MMA fans love to see fighters on the big screen, nothing excites them more than to watch them battle it out in the octagon. For a fan who is new to the sport, here are some names you better get used to, as they are the very best in MMA right now.

Jon "Bones" Jones

You don’t necessarily need to be an MMA fan to know about Jon Jones. He is, by far, the “greatest mixed martial artist” of our generation. The 32-year-old who trains at Jackson Wink MMA Academy in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is the current Light Heavyweight Champion. His fighting style is unique, and the main reason behind his continued success. Unfortunately, he did have a disagreement with UFC management earlier this year, which has put a cloud of doubt over his future in the game. Still, fans are hopeful that Jones will soon be back in the octagon so that they can cheer for their champion like before.

Holly Holm

Since MMA is so popular, it is but evident that the game is a hit with bookmakers. Fans who like to earn some money while enjoying a match can place odds on any one of the leading UFC betting sites that come with welcome bonuses, fantastic customer support, and odds for all major MMA fighting events. When wanting to decide on who to bet on, look no further than Holly Holm, a former boxer, kickboxer, and UFC bantamweight champion. Holly is particularly known to be the first person to defeat Ronda Rousey when she knocked her out in 2015 to win the bantamweight belt. Holly has shown immense determination in her career, and while she has suffered ups and downs, she is one of the most loved fighters presently in the game.

Carlos Condit

The 36-year-old American, Carlos Condit, is a former UFC Interim Welterweight Champion. Before joining UFC, he became a world champion in World Extreme Cagefighting and made quite a name for himself there. Condit continues to be a notable fighter because even after several injuries over the years, he is always eager to step back and take on his next competitor. His last fight was supposed to be in December 2019 but was cancelled due to Condit suffering from a detached retina. Now, the world of MMA is eagerly awaiting the return of "The Natural Born Killer," so that they can witness his ferocity in action once again.

This article first appeared on JACKSONWINK.COM on 6/24/20

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